Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Viaje del Sol: Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery, Cafe Lago, Carlito's, Mi Bonitos'

Clear morning skies, the perfect background for shooting outdoors.

It was around 10:30am when we reached the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery. It has been said that the Katipuneros used this as their secret meeting place back in 1896.

The Cemetery looks more like a church/park. The grounds covered in lush green grass and santan shrubs. Niches surrounds the sides of the chapel.

Inside the structure is a stairway leading to the crypt proper. This burial site was intended only for the powerful during the early times. This site gave me the hibigeebies.

Freaked out and sweating, we decided it was time to grab lunch.

Cafe Lago's wooden tables, a canopy, vines, view of Sampaloc Lake and decor's calmed my nerves.

We decided to try the crispy binagoongan. It was agreed upon that the dish was wonderful and hearty. It had both important elements. Pork and Crispy texture, impossible not to satisfy our famished tummies. While we were digesting, Mandy Marino came to our table and introduced himself. He asked us about our trip, where have we been and gave stories about how Viaje del Sol came about. Too bad, we were not able to tour Lake Padin he said. I plan to call him the next time we do this trip again.

Cafe Lago
Located along Sampaloc lake
Mandy Marino
Dagatan Boulevard, San Pablo City
049 5627404

It was a sunday and we wanted to make sure that the workshop was accepting visitors. So, we decided to contact Carlito Ortega of Carlito's Workshop via SMS. "Honk long and loud" was his reply after agreeing to let us drop by.

We drove until we reached a huge metal gate, with a Carlito's sign. Honking long and loud until a lady, came to let us in.

The workshop is in the artist's home. We were led around the house to meet Carlito. A warm chatty guy met us and began preparing his metal works for our demo. He told us how he started as a corporate guy and left all of it to pursuit his dream of metal art.

He kept chatting with us while making a small metal sculpture explaining the process and inspiration behind his work.

After the demo we were served suman and his signature rice coffee ( A must try!).

Carlito Ortega Cellphone # 0919-837 7755 or (049) 5620351
Open on Saturdays. For the rest of the week, please call to give prior notice.
Entrance fee: 150/ head

I have been craving for Bonitos'. Mad cravings, dreaming about the gooey cheese and ravioli lasagna. We had to stop by before the En route back to Manila.

Mi Bonitos is a small semi hole in the wall that serves pasta made from scratch.
That being said, it is best to head on over there rather than listen to me rave about the yummy food finds in this place.

Mi Bonitos' Restaurant
Oregano St. cor. Grove St., Demarses Subd., Los BaƱos

Thus concludes our trip. We plan to do this again for the Rambutan festival. =) Wanna come with?


  1. Tin! Who's "we"? But I love the photos. The crypt and cemetery were interesting. How'd you find out about it?

  2. Hey Ren :D
    George of Sitio de Amor told us about the underground cemetery. Yun naintriga kami and we went :D
    "We" - Panda and Max