Friday, June 19, 2009

All over ilocos

Spot the Croc

After 300++ steps climb.
Behold Dakak.

Mount Pinatubo

Who would have known that this once violent volcano would have a crater so breathtakingly beautiful.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Some sights from Baguio

Kennon Road

The Mansion

Good Shepherd View

Baguio is my refuge. I keep telling my friends that. This plateau can calm me down even during my worst temper tantrum. The cool breeze, fresh fruit, wonderful sights.. what's not to love?

Nightime at The Manor

Tha Manor
Camp John Hay, Baguio

The sun

Peninsula Manila lobby.

Sometimes, it pays to look up =)

Peninsula Manila Lobby

Christmas season at the Peninsula Manila.

Lord of the Rings

Sunset in Bolinao

Sunset: When colors transform from blue to bright orange then burst to bloodish red, before being swallowed by the dark night.

Sky, Land, waterscapes of Batanes

Water fascinates me, for some reason. When I see strong current coming in, I get a high that I can not explain.
Rushing in the water with camera over my head and trying to capture the water movement, freezing water motion on fast shutter or slowing it down thus the foaming effect.

The first picture shows the three elements of nature. Clear blue sky, lush green mountain and the roaring ocean.

The second photo shows the huge boulders that rest on the beach front. It somehow serves as a fortress for eager photographers like me.

more photos from Batanes: